It’s all about colours

There is a story behind everything. For Teresa Mateus Lundberg, the founder of Mateus, it’s about the passion for the set table. It’s a love story that will last forever.

The ideas that formed Mateus evolved over the course of several years.

The ideas that formed Mateus evolved over the course of several years. Teresa, originally from Portugal, saw design trends shifting in her new home country of Sweden. Colours and patterns began to make inroads into Swedish homes. Why not bring together the best of both her worlds? Why not fuse traditional Portuguese ceramic craftsmanship, Swedish design and contemporary fashion trends into quality products that celebrate the love of life?

With her aim set, Teresa began her journey. The first collection was launched in 1993. In a fruitful union of southern European craftmanship and Scandinavian style, and with a constant renewal of colour, form and pattern, the Mateus brand evolved and grew. Each new collection is designed to fit together with the products in existing collections.

Strong bonds

Teresa and Filippa Mateus Lundahl are the creative forces behind the Mateus brand. This dynamic mother-daughter duo runs the company with passion, looking to its future while keeping its history alive.

Mateus was founded in 1993 with the ambition to unite the two cultures that continue to shape Teresa, to bring warmth into the home and turn the set table into a joyous and colourful place. Today ceramics from Mateus are sold all over the world.

Filippa, a trained designer, joined the company in 2014 brimming with energy and new ideas, new marketing methods and new collections. She designed the popular Bubbles series. This playful, contemporary collection of ceramics is beautiful alone or layered with other Mateus collections.

Mother-daughter relationships can be complicated – and even more so when mixing business and private life. Respect, trust and a lot of laughter are the key ingredients that contribute to Mateus’s ongoing success. Strong bonds and an eye for design and beauty keep the company thriving.

News for Spring 19

As spring arrives, we layer colour on colour to leave the grey winter behind. It’s time to celebrate the joy and happiness of a colourful life.

The all-time favorite colour Light Pink is being added to the collection Mateus meets Sam Baron meets Yatzer. One step forward in the colour revolution.

Caring for your ceramics

Mateus ceramics evoke warmth and a joy of life. Designed to captivate your senses, they set the stage for sharing good food and conversation around a beautifully set table.

Taking good care of your ceramics from Mateus will ensure that they look their best on your table for a long, long time. Each piece is lovingly crafted by hand in Portugal from fine-grained clay, a living, natural material. All products are fired at high temperatures to achieve the necessary durability for everyday use in the home.

The firing technique also makes the ceramics as water-resistant as possible. Microwave and dishwasher safe, all Mateus products meet safety standards of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).