Bubbling with happiness is a state of mind that we’ve all experienced at one time or another. It’s from that feeling that the Bubbles collection is born. The playful, contemporary appeal of this hand-painted ceramic ware is sheer eye candy for your table. Available in 13 different eye-catching colors, the Bubbles collection draws inspiration from the timeless polka dot, featuring bands of lustrous bubbles. Choose a single color or mix and match with other collection colors – or with other Mateus pieces – for a stylish and elegant table setting. Whether for cozy kitchens meals or more festive occasions, this hand-crafted tableware will add a flair to your dining experience.

  • Tray 20 cm / 7,9"

  • Tray 50 cm / 19,7"

  • Platter 42 cm / 16,5"

  • Oval Platter 35 cm / 13,8"