Mateus Flagship Store

Personal shopping, unique products and limited editions

In the winter of 2017, Mateus opened the first flagship store at Karlavägen 64 in Stockholm. In the shop you will find Mateus complete product range with all collections and colours. Unique to the product range is that there are limited editions and other products available only in the Mateus Flagship Store.

Personal shopping

At Mateus you get personal service from the staff who know everything about ceramics and products. Get styling advice for upcoming weddings, gifts and table settings. Book a date for extra personal shopping under Book Personal Shopping in the Menu.

Creating the flagship store

In conjunction with Mateus's 25th anniversary, the first flagship store in Stockholm was opened. The store has been set up by Halleroed, who previously worked on projects for, among others, Arket, Acne Studios, Byredo and the Nordic Museum.

- The choice to work with Halleroed felt very right from the start. We have followed Halleroed's design project for a long time and feel that by working with Halleroed, Mateus gets a new and exciting visual expression, says Teresa Lundahl. CEO and founder of Mateus. Halleroed, which consists of the spouses Christian and Ruxandra Halleröd, is internationally renowned for their eye-catching solutions for interior design and architecture.

The studio's focus for the store's interior design concept was to create a new way to showcase Mateus products and to make full use of the fantastic space in the room. As an inspiration, for example, they looked at an old concrete factory in Spain that was converted into a studio and at several other ceramics workshops.

- The products are all handmade and therefore we wanted to emphasize the sense of craftsmanship and studio. This was achieved with three large monumental tables and a very long bookshelf. Everything in solid pine which we thought was both a nice contrast and a nice setting for the ceramic. The rest is pretty stripped down, but we also wanted to add warmth and elegance to the store by creating a lounge in the back with various natural-coloured linen fabrics, wicker furniture and luxurious wool curtains, says Christian Halleröd.

Mateus Flagship Store

You will find us located in the heart of Stockholm on Karlavägen 64. The nearest metro station is Stadion or Karlaplan.


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