Mateus x Pierre Frey

Mateus meets Pierre Frey in this fall's most colourful exhibition. Visit Mateus Flagship Store at Karlavägen 64 in Stockholm. The exhibition runs from August 21 to September 16, 2019.

Despite operating in different creative fields, Mateus and French luxury textile house Pierre Frey have plenty in common. Both are family-run companies, renowned for the high quality and stylistic inventiveness of their products, sharing a talent for modernizing vintage designs and a history of creative collaborations with talented international artists.

But what truly unites these two brands is the bold eclecticism which the Mateus x Pierre Frey installation in Stockholm whimsically celebrates.

Conceived and designed by Yatzer’s founder Costas Voyatzis as a kaleidoscopic peep-show, the installation takes advantage of the “mix-and-match” philosophy of Mateus’ collections and Pierre Frey’s inventive synthesisof vintage motifs and patterns by eclectically pairing off their designs in captivating combinations that reveal unexpected parallels between the two brands.

  • Bowl from Bubbles 60 cl / 20 oz

  • Jug from Mateus x Sam Baron x Yatzer 70 cl / 23,7 oz

  • Plate from Basic 31 cm / 12.25"

  • Mug from Lace 30 cl / 10 oz


Every collection has a unique story

- Pierre Frey

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Mateus x Pier Frey

August 21 to September 16, 2019

  • Platter Full Lace from Lace 34 cm / 13,5"

  • Bowl from Mateus x Sam Baron x Yatzer 75 cl / 25,3 oz

  • Oyster Bowl from Basic 24 cm / 9,5"

  • Plate from Bubbles 28 cm / 11"